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Amritsar & Golden Temple Tour

The Golden Temple or Harmandir Sahib (Temple of God) is located in the Indian state of Punjab. This Sikh temple is the most austere place of worship for the Sikhs. Originally built in 1574 AD by Gurur Ram Das Ji, the fourth guru of Sikhs, the temple underwent many changes and additions over the years.

The temple is a masterpiece combining elements from both Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture. The skilled nakkashi (intricate carvings) and frescoes inside the temple exemplify the indigenous and meticulous work that has been put into its making. The gold-plated temple with white marble walls also features copper cupolas and precious stones embedded in the walls. Verses from the holy Guru Granth Sahib decorate the interiors and the exteriors of the temple. The temple lies between Amrit Sarovar (the Lake of Holy Water or the Pool of Divine Nectar).

The importance of the temple is increased manifold by the presence of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (the Holy Book of the Sikhs). Daily recitation of verses from the holy book brings hundreds of devotees to the temple everyday. The temple has four doors in each direction signifying that the temple is open for everyone irrespective of one's caste, color, sex or religion.

Major attractions of the Golden Temple Complex are Akal Takht, Gurudwara Baba Atal, Ghanta Ghar Deori, Guru-Ka-Langar, Guru Ram Das Ji Niwas, Central Sikh Museum, etc.

How to Reach Amritsar

By Air:
Amritsar is an important city of North India with all modern means of transportation. The city has an airport, which has regular flights to many cities of significance like Delhi, Mumbai.

By Train:
The Railway Station at Amritsar is well linked with major cities of India. Super-fast trains to Delhi and other important places are readily available.

By Road: Amritsar is well connected to major cities of North India. One can easily reach Amritsar by road from Delhi. The roads are in an impressive condition and tour buses operating in the area are commendable. Taxi is also a viable option.

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